Matte Car Wrap or Matte Car Paint Finish?

Matte Car Wrap or Matte Car Paint Finish?

Over the last few months we have been getting a lot of calls here at CarCosmetix from customers about having their car customised with a MATTE FINISH. The big question for most is “Do you do matte wrapping and how much does it cost’’.  At first I started to wonder where the sudden interest was coming from. But the more I thought about it the more obvious the answer became.

Over the last few years all the top car manufactures like BMW, Mercedes, Lamborghini etc.  Added a matte finish to their colour range. These cars really stand out from the crowd and they look absolutely stunning.

Matte Car Wrapping

So first I will address my customer query re wrapping and cost. While there are a lot of benefits to wrapping it’s a costly process as it takes a huge amount of professional hours (3-5 Days) to do the job properly not to mention the cost of the vinyl wrap.  So budget from €1500 up depending on the size and complexity of the panels on your car.

However, there are some misconceptions about wrapping:

  • Wrapping won’t cover up bad paint work or scratches.
  • If you your car had previous crash repair work done there is a good possibility the paint will come
    Car Wrapping Problems

    Car Wrapping

    away from where it was repaired when the wrap is being removed.

  • If your car gets damaged or bumped in a crash. The wrap has to be removed from the damaged area to repair it and then re wrapped
  • If the wrapping is poorly finished or an inferior vinyl is used on your car it will be prone to bubbling or peeling.
  • Some parts can’t be wrapped like door handles, ducts etc.
  • Wrapping does not last forever. Depending on favourable weather conditions and good maintenance you would expect a life span of around thirty six thousand miles. But you see many starting to peel within a year.

So is there an alternative? Yes is the answer and it doesn’t require a costly respray.


Matte Paint Lacquering

What is Matte Lacquering you might ask? Every car before it leaves the factory goes through a paint process.

Car paint matte finish

Car paint matte finish

First the metal and plastic bumpers etc. are primed. Then they are sprayed with the respective colour. And finally they receive a top coat or clear coat of lacquer to protect the paint against fading and scratching. For this reason the clear coat must be durable enough to resist abrasion and chemically stable enough to withstand UV light.

So lacquering with a clear coat is the final stage in the paint process and most cars are finish with a gloss lacquer to give that lovely sheen to your car. However, besides Gloss lacquer you  also have Semi-Gloss, Satin Matte and Flat Matte which is now the new trend for those who want their car to stand out.

Matte Car Paint Finish look

Hopefully now you have a better idea about car lacquering but you have more questions. Let me try and answer some of them for you.

Matte Car Paint Finish Cost?

Well the good news is, here at CarCosmetix we can give your car that factory matte finish for about half the price of having it wrapped. And not only that, we will get it done within the day.

Do You Have To Bring Your Car To A Specialist?

Yes, it needs to be lacquered in a spray booth. Here at CarCosmetix we have the latest Blowtherm Spray Booth Oven in our Body Shop staffed with experienced and qualified spray painters.

Does the Matte Paint Finish Require Special Care When Washing?                                                                                                  

Just wash you’re your car with normal soapy water. Remember your car has a matte finish you don’t want it to go shiny. That means you don’t polish, buff or wax your car. As with all cars remove bird droppings and flies immediately with soapy water. That’s it.

Is the Matte Car Paint Finish Durable?

Yes, it’s the same finish coat applied to all cars. It’s designed to last the lifetime of the car. The only difference is its matte instead of gloss. In fact because it’s flat it has no reflective properties so it’s less prone to gloss lacquer scratches and swirl marks.

There you have it. If you want your car to stand out then get in touch. Email or phone or WhatsApp me on 0872311218.

Thank you for taking the time to read this my first Blog.

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